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Indoor Soccer at Mystic Indoor Sports

Soccer Leagues

Mystic Indoor Sports specializes in providing an all-weather soccer environment that highly resembles a field in an outdoor soccer complex. Our large, 60 yard by 40 yard field is equipped with the latest generation of synthetic turf that looks, feels and plays like real grass.

Play and Practice Indoor Soccer Year-round

The playing field is lined with touchlines, goal lines, corner quarter circles and mid-field stripe. Standard 'outdoor-size' goals are available for practice, and the field is large enough to work on team tactics as well as individual skills. For league play, standard outdoor soccer rules govern the flow of the game, with throw-ins, goal kicks, corner kicks and offsides all being called by certified referees.

If you love the game of outdoor soccer, but want or need to Practice, Play, or Learn in an indoor facility without worrying about the weather or the time of day, you have come to the right place.


Men’s over 35 (8v8): Monday’s, February 1st - March 28th. Game times are between 8:00pm-11:00pm

Men’s Open (7v7): Wednesday’s, February 3rd - March 30th. Game times are between 8:00pm-11:00pm

21+, Co-ed Soccer (7v7): Thursday’s, February 4th - March 31st. Game times are between 8:00pm-11:00pm.

Registration Information: Minimum of 10 people per team, max 14. You may register as a team, small group or individual/free agent.

Teams: A team captain will register and then invite players. Players will receive an email with the invite and can register from the email or by clicking the Team Player button. During registration a captain can choose to split the team fee or pay for it entirely.

Small Group: Register as an individual/free agent and indicate the friends you would like to be placed with, when prompted.

Individuals: Register via the individual button. You will be placed with other people who register on their own.

League Pricing:
• $89.50 for Individual/Free Agents & Small Groups
• $895 for Teams (Captains can split the fee or pay for the entire team)

Click here to register and to find out more information!